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Let’s move forward as one.
Let’s face the truth together with open hearts and minds.
Let’s heal from the pain inflicted by hatred.
Let's express gratitude for our beauty and growth.
Let’s contemplate on the fact that all life is equal.

This is a time of enormous trauma; the injustices of hundreds of years have come to a breaking point. We offer solace to everyone who has experienced any racial or social indignation. As a spiritually based community in an industry committed to helping others, we feel compelled to be clear in our expression of support for our African American colleagues and friends, and the community at large. 


In this moment of profound upheaval, inspiring great societal and individual awakening, we wish to say that we are committed to stand with, listen to and hold space for you.  We love you.

Our community strives to be one of love, support and safety - a place where everyone who enters is respected and honored. We are aligned with our diverse community and take refuge in holding each other as the sacred beings that we all are. We come from a place of One spirit, soul and consciousness. To elevate our sorrows and listen deeply to one another is our mission.

Since its inception, IPSB at Life Energy Institute has supported an all-inclusive policy,
welcoming people of all races, genders, sexual orientations and religious beliefs,
and we also recognize there is work to be done.  

As a community, we are stirred to search for ways to foster further inclusivity and equality on all fronts. We find racism inexcusable. Moreover, we find inequality, violence, senseless deaths, and injustice inexcusable.  

We encourage the greater community of the healing arts to stand with us, speak and be ready to emphatically listen, learn and take action, that will lead us away from institutionalized suppression and inequity and to move toward unity and ending racism.  

We know we may not always get it ‘right’ as we express ourselves at this time, while learning how best to be in solidarity. We know we will make mistakes as we seek to strengthen our community and commitment to inclusivity and diversity. We welcome your input as we continue to create and foster the best community we can build together. We invite you to be where you are and join us in the safe haven of our school for justice, peace and love of one another.

In the beautiful and profound words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.:

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  


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