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The Next Level

As I travel I am reminded of what is going on in our world. I think our world is crazy. No doubt we are in the most disruptive breakdown moment of our worldly way and that this has caused so much pain and suffering as well as the rise to meet the challenge and evolve.

As space holders we all need community at all different levels to help us hold the space and continue the good work that we all are. In our Next Level Journey at LEI we have intentionality to hold the space for all levels of our personal, communal , institutional and universal unfoldment. We need a space, we need each other and we need it now.

I am so grateful to spirit for holding all of us in our personal and professional intents. In the next level we will open our doors to whomsoever wants to be a party of our co-creative communal healing space. We all need, holding space for our personal evolution, our professional development and our abilities to engage within and without community. Individually we are all in the work holding the space. Communally we are all inextricably connected and part of a network of light beings here to hold a space for ease and evolution. I look forward to reconnecting with all of you as we fall forward.

See you and be with you


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