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The IPSB Approach To Deep Tissue

One of the things that sets IPSB apart is our approach to deeper bodywork. Everything we do comes from the idea that we don't want to try to release trauma by creating more trauma in the tissue. Our goal is always to meet our clients body where they are at in the moment and encourage them to let go of whatever tension, patterns, challenges they're holding in their tissue.

What this looks like is bodywork that slows down when we find patterns of tension, and works with your nervous system to encourage letting go of stress through the use of gentle rocking, stretching, encouraging the client to flex and release the muscle to create more length. This also looks like holding space for the client to be present with their bodies and check in with their stress and tension patterns, to have some time to breathe and be grounded in their body rather than running through their day. Mindfulness is a key component in all that we do.

This means that clients walk away from a session never feeling bruised or achy and should feel more flexible and grounded for days or even a week or so after the session. Because we work within the tolerance of the tissue, there is no recovery time after a session. We don't believe deep work has to be painful. We work to build partnerships with our clients where consent and communication are integral structures allowing us to co-create profound change in the body.

As one of our teachers, Cyndi Ortolano always says, "I'll work from the outside in and you work from the inside out and where we meet in the middle, that's where the magic happens"


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