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Massage Table & Equipment Maintenance

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

A good quality massage table can last decades but for them to last you need to do some regular maintenance. Here at IPSB we have a contract with EarthLite, in the classroom we use the portable Spirit tables and our students can purchase their tables at a student rate through us. The tables we have in the classrooms have lasted more than twenty years with regular care.

Once a year we try to set aside a few hours to go over every inch of each of the tables and various pieces of equipment. Our most recent maintenance day was on April 15th - that’s us working on them in the video. We have opened it up to all the students and alumni so they can learn about how to care for their equipment. We’re linking the most common parts that need to be replaced on the EarthLite tables below.

One of the things that tend to go first is the surface of the vinyl, it tends to shed. One of our alumni Christine Knapp,has created a beautiful product to address this, a cotton table cover which is significantly less expensive than having the table vinyl replaced. She brought samples for us to check out at our most recent table care day. Thank you again Christine for all the help cleaning up the tables! Check them out at

Here's some basics for those of you looking to care for your massage table.

Table & Equipment Maintenance

Tools needed: Philips head screwdriver, 7/16 wrench, staple gun, wooden toothpicks and skewers, wood glue, scissors

1. Check all bolts/screws to ensure they’re secure

a. If a screw hole is stripped, fill with wood glue and either a dowel or skewers, when dry, the screw should tighten down firmly now (check out a video of one of our favorite DIY Mavens – Mercury Stardust illustrating how to repair a loose screw in case you want a visual)

b. Check the Adjustable leg bolts and the hinge bolts for stability

c. Check plates over face cradle holes

d. Check screws in hinges

2. Check all cables

a. If cables are frayed replace them

b. Ensure there are no twists or impingements

3. Check Elastics

a. If loose/stretched out replace

4. Check feet and bumpers on the side of the table

a. If a screw hole is stripped, fill with wood glue and either a dowel or skewers, when dry, drill a new hole and tighten the screw

b. If the bumpers are worn down we recommend replacing all of them at once

5. Scrub vinyl (table, bolster and face cradle)

a. Apply LA Awesome Orange Cleaner, let sit for at least 5 minutes to start breaking down built up oil (this breaks down the oil but doesn’t damage the vinyl, be sure to get it all off though, citrus oil sitting on the vinyl will eventually damage it)

b. Wipe down the table with a damp cloth

c. Apply Dawn dish soap with a damp sponge, let sit for at least 5 minutes to continue breaking down oil, scrub any stubborn spots (**we also recommend including a ½ teaspoon of this dish soap in your laundry to extend the life of your sheets)

d. Wipe off with a damp towel then dry the table

e. If there are residual sticky spots, repeat the process

f. Don’t forget to wipe down the legs and clean the knobs as they get oily and dusty

6. Patch any vinyl tears or holes

a. We recommend a vinyl patch kit, but you can also use VLP vinyl repair glue

7. Check carry handle

a. If screw hole is loose tighten and if stripped, replace the threaded metal nuts

b. If handle is damaged, you may need to replace handle, this kayak handle works well

8. Check Face cradle

a. If adjustable double check that it is stable when adjusted, if screws are loose and can’t be tightened, it may need to be replaced

9. If you have a stool or chair

a. Check all wheels

b. Patch any vinyl tears

10. If you have a Massage Chair

a. Assess all adjustments for possible stripped screws

b. Scrub & Patch vinyl

c. Check feet for damage

11. If you have a carry bag for your table or chair

a. Check zipper for ease of closure

b. Launder bag

c. Assess carry strap and hooks, replace it if needed

Here's the we give out at the workshop for you to use later and the links to the parts that need to be replaced most often:

Table & Equipment Maintenance worksheet
Download PDF • 44KB

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